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She’s too horny to say No to anal sex
She's too horny to say No to anal sex

This guy knows his girlfriend gets extremely horny while giving him a blowjob and wants to get on top of him after a few minutes of sucking. This time he doesn’t let her sit on his dick and starts massaging her ass hole instead. That’s when the last fortress falls and she finally allows him to drive his hard throbbing cock into her tight velvet ass hole. Man, there’s nothing like fucking a bitch in the ass for the very first time, I tell ya at Teens Analyzed!

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Cock in the ass instead of flowers
Cock in the ass instead of flowers

This chick wanted to punish her boyfriend for not bringing her flowers by ignoring him in bed, but when he started teasing her thighs she realized she wanted anal sex really bad. Now it was guy’s turn to punish her for being such a bitch and after a killer deepthroat blowjob he finally backdoor-fucked her like he always wanted. You know it’s like that with chicks. There’s time to be romantic and stuff and there’s time when you just gotta put her on her fours and fuck her in the ass to make her happy at Teens Analyzed.

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Romantic crap gets the guy his first anal
Romantic crap gets the guy his first anal

Oh, darling, you are so charming today. Wanna fuck in the ass? We have no idea why, but the dumbest line ever really worked for this lucky guy and his sexy girlfriend finally let him explore the welcoming smoothness of her tight chocolate hole. Taking relationships to a new level? Screw that! He just wanted to fuck the bitch in the ass cuz his buddy told him it felt even better than fucking a hot dripping wet pussy. Now he knows how it feels and he wants more just like his slutty gf at Teens Analyzed.

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Assfucking my buddy’s ex
Assfucking my buddy's ex

I had a bet with a buddy of mine who just broke up with this shy teen chick he knew from college. She’d never let him fuck her in the butt and I told the guy I’d go anal with this kitten on a very first date. Little did he know that not only would I fuck his ex-girlfriend ass to mouth on a day we met, but she’d also let me give her a nasty anal creampie and rub the sperm into her anus like extra lube. Yeah, that’s what happens when you are a sweet talker – you get the best teen ass in town and load it up with your sticky white jizm.

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The night of their first anal sex
The night of their first anal sex

Having stretched his girlfriend’s pussy with daily fucking this guy couldn’t wait for a moment when she’d let him drive his big throbbing cock into her smooth narrow ass hole. His lucky day finally came when she was in a mood for something special after a romantic evening they spent together. The wait was totally worth it cuz fucking this chick in the butt was the most amazing feeling ever. Warm, tight, tender and welcoming – just the way he imagined her ass would be and even better at Teens Analyzed!

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Unforgettable first anal
Unforgettable first anal

You can tell you fucked your girlfriend great when her skin turns pink and she almost screams when you make her cum. It took me an hour of restless fucking to satisfy her pussy, but I still wanted more and her pink slit just couldn’t take it. That’s when I started massaging her sphincter and she finally let me ease my hard dick into her warm tight ass hole. I’ll never forget the feeling the first anal penetration gave us and the way her quiet moans of pain turned into loud moans of pleasure at Teens Analyzed.

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Anal sex worth the wait
Anal sex worth the wait

This blonde teeny has been waiting for her first anal date for too long and when it finally happened she was ready to get fucked in the ass with no lube cuz her chocolate hole was totally ready. No candles and stuff, she was thinking about hard anal all the way while sucking and riding her boyfriend’s cock and when he drove it deep into her welcoming ass she felt the first wave of orgasm run through her body. Can you believe this dirty anal slut is a teen first-timer? Absolutely amazing at Teens Analyzed!

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Let her think she’s the first one
Let her think she's the first one

When a chick starts the foreplay placing her hand on your thigh and shamelessly touching your cock through the jeans you know this date has a chance to be special. Fuck reading the book when she signals she’s ready for anal sex and this guy got it all right slowly working his erect cock down his girlfriend’s tight chocolate hole after she gave him an absolutely fantastic blowjob. It was even better than he could hope for, the best ass he’s ever fucked, but she’ll never know that cuz he told her she was the first one he tried anal sex with. Naive slut at Teens Analyzed!

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